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Shooting Some 8 Ball

by on Nov.01, 2013, under Friends, Fun Stuff

My boyfriend likes to shoot pool, so I usually tag along with him if I don’t have anything else going on. We were shooting some 8 ball last night at the Antioch pool hall and had a lot of fun. The other guys in there were happy and laughing and fooling around – none of the serious, money involved kind of competitions. That was a nice change. Sometimes when we go we have to be real quiet and be sure to not disturb the other players. But for some reason everyone was in a good mood and just out having fun.

There are not as many pool halls around here as I am used to. When I was growing up in the DC suburbs, there were pool halls all over the place. Some of them were for casual play and some were for serious competitions. I usually just went to the casual places with my brothers on with my date. I’m a pretty good shot and can hold my own in a regular game. I don’t do any trick shots or anything fancy. I just take my time, aim and hope for the best. I’m not intimidated about breaking them, either. I can hit the lead ball nice and clean and leave myself some easy pocket shots most of the time.

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Don’t Date Old Flames

by on Dec.12, 2012, under Friends, Good Eats, Life

So this guy that I knew back in high school is married and all that happy horse shit, and I saw him and his wife at the 10 year high school reunion. But we aren’t really friends, even though Facebook says so. Know what I mean?

So out of the blue, this guy sends me a private message on Facebook and says that he is coming to town for a big business meeting and he wants to know if I can go out to dinner with him while he’s in town. So I think, why the hell not? I didn’t even ask if his wife was coming with in – it didn’t matter to me if she was coming or not. I figured he just wanted someone to have dinner with so he could take a break away from all the business people he was cooped up with all day at his big meetings.

Well, big mistake. His wife was not on the trip and he was on the company dime, so we went to a nice restaurant and he got drunk really fast. And then the fucker starts hitting on me, saying shit like how much he’s missed me since the good old days back in high school How he always regretted not staying in touch and he never should have gotten married to his wife, they were too young, they’ve changed, she doesn’t understand him, yadda yadda yadda.

I have to tell you, this was not a fun night. I got better things to do than watch an old fat man getting drunk and blubbering about how unhappy he is with his wife. Fuck that. I put his drunk ass into a taxi and sent him back to the hotel and got the hell out of there.

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Beware the Rental Car Rip Off

by on Nov.27, 2012, under Friends, Life

One of the girls at work just got back from a vacation in Mexico and was warning everyone about how the rental car company tried to rip them off. She and her hubby decided to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday because they would enjoy the time alone with each other a whole lot more than spending time eating bad food at either of their family’s homes.

I tell you what, I wish I had thought of that solution years ago. I can’t tell you how many fucked up thanksgiving dinners I’ve gone to over the years for the sake of “family togetherness.” I think the worst one was when we went to my stepfather’s daughter’s house for a cold meal served on folding tables in her garage. Yes, it was in her fucking garage! And then we had to listen to her husband bitch and whine about how long it took him to totally clear out the garage and box up and moved all his crap to their basement.

Anyway, this rental car company in Mexico have this way of returning cars. You take it back to the airport and get your luggage and shit out of the car and go inside to the counter. They have a guy who drives the car around to a side are where he checks the gas to make sure you filled it with gas or they charge you out the ass for topping off the tank. But we all know this, right? So, they are waiting for the guy to come in and say the gas tank is full and everything is fine and they can pay the bill and go get their flight. But instead, the guy comes in with a funny look on his face and he talks to the clerk behind the counter, who gets a big frown on his face, too.

So my friend is worried why they are looking like that and the clerk announces to her hubby that they have a problem. He says there is no fucking gas cap on the car. Now, they had just filled the car up at the gas station and they know they put the gas cap back on. But the clerk insists that has gone missing – perhaps they mistakenly left it at the gas station? But what the fuck are they supposed to do? They have to catch their flight home and don’t have time to fuck around with this. Even if they were to take the car back to the gas station to see if they left the gas cap there, what’s to say that someone would have taken it from the gas station before they got back? And what’s to say that they even left it there? What if the guy at the rental car place took it off himself and lied about it being missing? What the hell can you do but suck it up and pay the clerk an extra $30 for a gas cap? That’s bullshit! But that’s what they had to do to get home. Rip off!


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Chinese tonight

by on Mar.11, 2012, under Friends, Fun Stuff, Good Eats

I am going to eat Chinese tonight. I want a big fucking buffet with so much food I cant even try it all. I think I will go to the Koi because it has Chinese and Japanese food, and it is huge. The food is amazing and the service is great. I like the ambiance as well. They have this little pond in the restaurant that actually has Koi fish in it. I have been going to this restaurant for over a year now and it never has disappointed me. My friend Sally is going to meet me there at five o’clock.

After dinner, I think we will go have a few drinks somewhere. I need the break something fierce. I haven’t been out in weeks. Work is still giving me hell lately and the stress has been building up. It will be good to get some relaxation in and possibly dance a little too. Sally said something about meeting up with a couple of guys she knows. She sent me a picture of them and they are hot, so this could work out really well for me. I am looking forward to this so much, and cannot wait for tonight.

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Some time for momma

by on Feb.09, 2012, under Friends, Fun Stuff, Music

My mom is taking the kids for the weekend and I have two blissful days and nights to myself. Now I just have to figure out what the fuck to do. I would love to go out with the girls, but I don’t know if they will be available. I guess I am going to have to call and find out. I really want to go to the karaoke bar. I love to sing and I am not that bad at it either. I am not just saying that, I always get lots of applause when we go there. It is called the Beer Box. They have karaoke every night almost.

We always have a fucking blast when we go. There are times that someone gets up and can’t sing a lick, but it’s all in fun so we don’t really care either way. I like that I can wear my jeans and a t-shirt there and not have to get all dressed up. I can just be me and no bullshit mask. I hate the whole pretentious dress up to go out shit. Why do that when I go out when I don’t do it everyday? Just plain stupid to me.

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