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Just a Shout Out to My Girl Chloe

by on Sep.14, 2012, under Adults, Fun Stuff, Life

Met Chloe about 4 years ago when she moved into the neighborhood with her boyfriend. They were renting a house down the street and one day I had a little yard sale going on and they stopped to see my junk. We got to talking and found out that we are both from Michigan originally. In fact, there are a lot of people who have moved to Tennessee and Alabama from Michigan because of the automotive industries.

So, Chloe and I ended up getting together once in a while, but you know its hard to be girlfriends when one of you have a steady guy and the other is busy dating. So, although I was glad she had a boyfriend and they were happy together, it would be more fun to be friends if she could get out of the house at night once in a while and come to the movies or even a fast casual dinner. Sometimes we need girl time out and dragging the boyfriend along every place you go can drag you down – it changes the dynamics of the group, no matter how nice he is.

Being a couple especially sucks when you are missing out on a lot of fun and then after all that sacrifice, the asshat dumps you and leaves you on your own after all.

So, Chloe, you  know I’m bummed that your relationship is rocky right now. I’m not going to trash your boyfriend because there is always a chance you will get back together and then I won’t want to be alienated from either of you. Just know that if you want to go hang out, that’s cool. I’m always up for a fun girl’s night out.

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Can porn survive the free sex tubes?

by on Apr.13, 2011, under Adults, The Web

In case you do not have the internet and have not stumbled upon what is known by many as man heaven let me be the first to tell you about these things called free porn tubes. These things offer free sex videos for adults to see anytime twenty four seven. The question is if no one ever buys porn again than who will make it?? What is going to happen to the quality and to the actors?? Everything from video on demand to dvd sales are down in the adult entertainment industry and a lot of that can be consider to be because of the so called free sex tubes all over the internet.

Why have none of the porn companies sued these tubes yet and had them removed via DMCA complaints from the search engines?? It seems to me that many of these porn tubes are not using content from users or created by the users but rather by uploading copy righted content. I wonder what the porn industry plan is to take on the tubes because for now it is tubes 1 porn industry 0.

I am always curious to hear what you think can be done by the industry to combat the problem of free porn on the internet so chime in anytime!

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The dot xxx effect

by on Apr.13, 2011, under Adults, The Web

This is going to be HUGE I tell ya. The new .xxx domain name extension set to be released sometime this year. This will be the first time ever and probably not the last adult domain name extension to be introduced. I am going to pick a couple of simple .xxx domains just for keep sakes as owning a piece of history and a very cool extension is going to be an awesome thing. I am sure all the great domain will be pre-registered before they are released to the open public like myself but I am okay with getting a longer version of what I want.

Kind of curious why they choose .xxx to end it with instead of something like .sex or .porn and I wonder if other extensions like these will come out in the future. I have heard that these .xxx domains were coming out before but this time it is the real deal I am told and they have ICANNs approval for the go ahead. So if you have not heard the news yet about the .xxx extension let me be the first to tell you that .xxx domains are coming this year so go and reserve yours now!

What effect these will have on the web is still unclear but in my opinion if they start showing up at the top of big traffic keyword searches than the .xxx extension will take off as a whole. But these are the first adult entertainment industry domain extensions so if others come out down the road that would only make .xxx domains that much more valuable!

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Same sex marriage should be!

by on Apr.13, 2011, under Adults, Life

Why there is so much debate and up roar over same sex marriage is ridiculous to me as if two people love each enough to invite everyone in there family and all there friends to an event in which they profuse there love to one another in front of a priest should not be made illegal or not allowed in my opinion. Plain and simple America has moved past the stereo types of the 1950s and 60s and are much more willing to accept people for who they are and not what they do in the bedroom!

I am always curious to hear what my fellow American says about this subject and why they are for or against same sex marriage and I am willing to listen and understand where your coming from on this issue no matter which way you lean. But lets be honest with ourselves about not allowing gay men or women to marry each other, does not allowing them going to stop them from being gay??

And some people are just born gay or more than likely have been gay most of there lives and saying these people who are something that you and i are not and stopping them from getting married as a result is just being hypocritical in my opinion. After all how many marriages end in divorce? I think its half!

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Found the solution, a penis pump!

by on Jan.24, 2009, under Adults, Life

Me and my husband have been having a hard time getting him hard we tried everything from pills to porn movies and nothing seemed to work so he went to the doctor and he recommended a penis pump to help him get and maintain an erection and I can tell you that yes penis pumps do work at doing both of these things. He says he almost kicks himself everyday for not trying one out earlier because he heard from some friends that using a penis pump worked for them.

Anyways I can tell you that we have been very busy for the last couple of weeks making up for lost time but I plan on getting back to blogging here on a regular weekly basis for awhile because it is a fun outlet for me!

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