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Local Comedy Clubs

by on Sep.29, 2012, under Fun Stuff, Life, Movies, TV

One of the attractions of living in a city is that most cities have some sort of comedy club for local entertainment. Of course, the major metropolitan areas may have several comedy clubs, and on occasion the more proper theaters may book a top shelf comedian for a two or three night special performance when they are between the longer running plays and concert series.

The comedy club in Nashville is called Zanies and they do a pretty good job of pulling in nationally known comedians. I have seen several top acts from TV shows and movies there over the years, but haven’t been going lately.Since I a single, I am careful about where I go at night and am very cautious about where can I park safely and have a good chance of getting to my car and heading home without any incidents. The Zanies is in a shady part of town and their parking lot is way too small for the number of cars. If you are not there at least an hour before the show you have little chance of parking in their lot, and if there are two shows and you are trying to attend the second show, finding parking in the lot is practically impossible.

The shows are good, the drinks are good, the food is so-so and the parking is crap. I would love to see the relocate and be in a nicer and safer neighborhood. And a place with plenty of off street free parking would bring me to the club many times in a year.


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Donate Your Newspapers to a Vet or Shelter

by on Sep.24, 2012, under Life

So many people just thoughtlessly toss a newspaper into the trash when they have finished reading it. That drives me crazy. First of all, the very least you can do with a used newspaper is set it aside for recycling. It the local trash collection does not include an option for recycling newspapers, you can collect them at home until you have enough to make a trip to the recycling drop off or landfill worth the trip.

But even better than sending them to the landfill is to donate them to the local vet or animal shelter. Vets and shelters use the newspapers to line the cages of the animals. It is an easy way to help make an animal a little more comfortable during their stay to have newspaper in the cage rather than the bare metal wires or cold concrete floor.

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Empty Pringles Cans

by on Sep.20, 2012, under Good Eats, Life

The price of regular potato chips has gone up so much that the little bit you get in a bag full of air is outrageous. So I’ve stopped buying big bags of chips and picking up several cans of Pringles when they go on sale at the grocery store.

The Pringles can is always full and there is none of that bullshit excuse about why is the bag 3/4 empty because of “settling” during shipping. The potato chip bags are not clear – they are completely coated on purpose – so you cannot see how few chips are actually in the bag until after you’ve bought them and taken them home.

One thing that worries me is the empty Pringles cans seem like such a waste to throw them away. I wish I could think of something creative or useful to do with the cans. If you have any idea,s let me know. I go through at least 2 cans every week – they add up quickly.

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Just a Shout Out to My Girl Chloe

by on Sep.14, 2012, under Adults, Fun Stuff, Life

Met Chloe about 4 years ago when she moved into the neighborhood with her boyfriend. They were renting a house down the street and one day I had a little yard sale going on and they stopped to see my junk. We got to talking and found out that we are both from Michigan originally. In fact, there are a lot of people who have moved to Tennessee and Alabama from Michigan because of the automotive industries.

So, Chloe and I ended up getting together once in a while, but you know its hard to be girlfriends when one of you have a steady guy and the other is busy dating. So, although I was glad she had a boyfriend and they were happy together, it would be more fun to be friends if she could get out of the house at night once in a while and come to the movies or even a fast casual dinner. Sometimes we need girl time out and dragging the boyfriend along every place you go can drag you down – it changes the dynamics of the group, no matter how nice he is.

Being a couple especially sucks when you are missing out on a lot of fun and then after all that sacrifice, the asshat dumps you and leaves you on your own after all.

So, Chloe, you  know I’m bummed that your relationship is rocky right now. I’m not going to trash your boyfriend because there is always a chance you will get back together and then I won’t want to be alienated from either of you. Just know that if you want to go hang out, that’s cool. I’m always up for a fun girl’s night out.

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Wild Kittens

by on Sep.10, 2012, under Good Eats, Health, Life

About two weeks ago this cute little black cat showed up at my back door. I don’t usually see many cats in this neighborhood, and I have two dogs that bark a lot, so I was surprised to see it. It started coming around every night, so I started tossing some food out on the back stoop for it. I don’t really like putting food outside because I don’t want to attract raccoons or skunks, but I only put out a little at night and it was gone pretty quick.

Well, today I got a big surprise when I stepped outside to toss a few scraps from dinner. The black cat was there and so were three tiny little kittens. Oh, joy – more mouths to feed. So I went back in the house and popped open a can of tuna fish so the kittens could have some high protein food that is easy to eat and easy to digest.

I guess that since I started feeding the cat I need to buy some actual cat food at the grocery store next time I go shopping. I have a few cans of tuna on the shelf, but kittens need proper food to develop and tuna isn’t really enough vitamins and minerals for proper nutrition.

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