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by on Feb.28, 2012, under Health, Life

It has been a few rough weeks at work. We have been slammed constantly and I have worked my ass off, so I went shopping for some relaxation supplies. I went to Bath and Body Works to get everything I needed. Well, everything but my bottle of wine. I bought bath salts, scrubs, loofahs, lotions, and candles. All of the necessary ingredients for a relaxing bubble bath. I am so over due for this. I try to do it every once in a while and realized that I had run out of supplies, hence the shopping trip. I earned it though and do not feel the least bit guilty.

I am going to make dinner, spend some time with the kids and then put them to bed. After that, I am going to fill this fucking garden Jacuzzi tub to the rim almost and submerse myself for at least an hour. I think I will take a nice book with me just in case I feel like reading. I can’t forget my wine either. I have to remember to set everything up before I get in too big of a hurry to get in. I can’t wait till eight thirty gets here.

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Out to dinner

by on Feb.22, 2012, under Fun Stuff, Good Eats, Life

I am taking the kiddies out to dinner at Cici’s Pizza. It is one of their favorite places to eat. Probably because it has a game room and they spend a lot of time in it, but I don’t care about that shit. I love their pizza buffet. I can have multiple flavors of pizza and pay the same price as if I had it delivered. That is worth the trip there if nothing else is. Plus of course the kids love it and don’t complain about my choice of restaurant. You can’t beat that with a fucking stick.

I try to take them out as often as we can afford to, because their father doesn’t see them at all. I feel bad for them, and try to make up for his absence. He has a new cunt girlfriend that doesn’t get along with my kids, so he chose the girlfriend over his kids. No surprise there. Anyway, we are going to have a good dinner and then come home and watch a movie together. I had ordered a couple on Ebay really cheap and they arrived in the mail today. So that is our plans for the night. I hope yours goes well too.

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Valentines day

by on Feb.15, 2012, under Fun Stuff, Good Eats, Life

I bought some Valentines stuff for the kiddies and was shocked at how much it cost. It was fucking ridiculous. A stuffed bear at Hallmark cost eighty dollars, and Build a Bear Workshop was even worse. What the hell is that shit? I bought them stuff anyway, but boy was I not happy about how much I had to pay. I could have bought them so much more, if stuff wasn’t so astronomical. I just have to shake my head and keep on truckin though.

The kids were happy and I was about broke, but we had a great time. We brought out the Fondue pot and melted cheese and then chocolate and had a special dinner with just the three of us. It was really fun to do and to watch their faces when I told them what we were doing for Valentines dinner. I wish you could have seen them, it was so comical. I hadn’t used that pot since their father and I split up. I am glad I made new memories with it. I am even happier that I made my kids my Valentines this year. You can never go wrong  when you spend quality time with your kids.

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Some time for momma

by on Feb.09, 2012, under Friends, Fun Stuff, Music

My mom is taking the kids for the weekend and I have two blissful days and nights to myself. Now I just have to figure out what the fuck to do. I would love to go out with the girls, but I don’t know if they will be available. I guess I am going to have to call and find out. I really want to go to the karaoke bar. I love to sing and I am not that bad at it either. I am not just saying that, I always get lots of applause when we go there. It is called the Beer Box. They have karaoke every night almost.

We always have a fucking blast when we go. There are times that someone gets up and can’t sing a lick, but it’s all in fun so we don’t really care either way. I like that I can wear my jeans and a t-shirt there and not have to get all dressed up. I can just be me and no bullshit mask. I hate the whole pretentious dress up to go out shit. Why do that when I go out when I don’t do it everyday? Just plain stupid to me.

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Kids and movies

by on Feb.02, 2012, under Fun Stuff, Life, Movies

I love spending time with my kids, but boy is it fucking expensive to take them to the movies. I took them to see Beauty and the Beast 3D and it cost me and two kids almost seventy five dollars. I could not believe it. That made me remember why we stopped going to the theater to begin with. I have just been waiting for the movies to come out on DVD and then buy them for the kids, but this was 3D and it’s so much better at the theater.

The movie was great and the kids squealed with happiness throughout the entire thing. Of course so did all of the other kids and by the time we left I had the worst headache. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of it, I just ended up with a headache. I don’t mind that so long as my kids are happy and it was definitely worth it. 3D is pretty neat if you see it in the theater or on a flat screen that is set up for it, otherwise it just makes the movie look funny on a regular TV. We tried it before, so I know.

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