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Winter Blues

by on Dec.20, 2017, under Health, Life

I am sad.  Not just sad, but I think I may actually be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, also referred to as SAD. Doctors now know that SAD is a type of depression related to changes in the seasons.  For me, I can feel the symptoms begin in about November and last until the first hint of Spring.  I often say I am solar powered, I always feel better when it’s warm and sunny.

My symptoms usually start mild and then become more severe as the season progresses.

Symptoms of Sad include:

  • Feeling depressed
  • Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Having low energy
  • Having problems sleeping (in my case, it’s more having problems getting out of bed!)
  • Changes in appetite or weight (oh yeah! I’ve been eating everything that isn’t bolted down)
  • Feeling sluggish or agitated
  • Having trouble concentrating (I can so relate)
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Thoughts of suicide or death

I am thinking of investing in something I heard about.  It is a light therapy lamp that simulates daylight indoors.  I hear they improve your mood and energy as they trigger the natural release of serotonin.  They are also supposed to improve your sleep and focus by regulating your natural melatonin.   I think it’s worth investing in.  I will take anything that improves my mood and energy in the winter !

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November is a tough month for me

by on Nov.01, 2017, under Good Eats, Health, Life

No escaping the month of November. It comes along every year, right after all the fun of Halloween night. But November is full of sadness and loss for me. It is going to be tough again this November.

My husband’s birthday was in November. The same date as mine, just three months earlier. So he was three months to the day older than me and he liked to hold that over me head when the subject of age and experience would come up.

We lose daylight saving time in November. Set our clocks back on the first Sunday of the month. Sure, we gain an extra hour of sleep that night. But then every day it gets dark an hour earlier. As the month drags on, it is dark earlier and earlier, to the point that when I leave for work in the morning it is dark, and then when I leave to come home it is dark. There can be days when I don’t see the sun at all. So depressing.

November is also Veteran’s Day, when we thank the people who have served in the military – and their families for their many sacrifices. Some gave limbs. Some gave their peace of mind. And some gave their lives.We must never forget the good men and women who have been there for us to protect our freedoms.

While Thanksgiving has always been a special holiday – the best food put on the table of the entire year! Thanksgiving also means busting your diet, being tempted by all the foods you know you shouldn’t be eating, and the turkey dinner coma that comes after eating so much at dinner.

And, Thanksgiving now is the dreadfully sad reminder every year of my husband being gone. Two days after Thanksgiving, three years ago, he was on his way home from visiting his mom and dad when a drunk driver got on the highway, headed the wrong way, and crashed head on into our car. The one and only comfort I can take from that accident is that he was killed instantly and did not suffer.

I dread the second day after Thanksgiving. Some say I should just note the actual date of the accident. But that was not the point. We went to my parent’s house the day after Thanksgiving for our annual Black Friday shopping. And then the second day after Thanksgiving we always went to my in-laws house to go get their Christmas tree and help them decorate it while munching on the turkey dinner leftovers. So, you see, it is not the date that matters to me. It is the loss of the entire second day tradition and part of our lives that we always looked forward to that has been taken away, along with my husband’s life. And that day every November will always be tough for me.

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All the Little Monsters Are Out Tonight

by on Oct.30, 2016, under Fun Stuff, Life

I love it that Lady Gaga calls her fans her “little monsters.” I’m not sure where she got that idea or how it all started but it is such a nice idiosyncrasy. I don’t think it has anything to do with Halloween, but it might. I can’t find anything about it on Google, so if you know the story behind it, hit me up and help me out.

With Halloween being tonight, I am preparing to have all the little monsters in my neighborhood coming to the door expecting candy. I love seeing the kids, especially the very little ones who are just discovering the whole idea of getting free candy! Although the calendar says that Halloween is tomorrow night, the 31st, our county decided that it was better for the safety of our children to have trick or treating on Sunday night instead. Officially, kids can only be out from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm tonight. And all good kids should be back home and getting ready for bed after 8:00 because they have to go to school tomorrow. I wonder if they will have any Halloween parties at school? We used to have a costume parade and party when I was in school. It was fun!

I wonder if everyone got that notice about the official night being tonight? Or will I have trick or treaters both tonight AND tomorrow? I will set back some candy bars for tomorrow nights, just in case. And if no one shows up, I’ll put them in the candy jar and enjoy the candy myself over the next couple of weeks!

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Shooting Some 8 Ball

by on Nov.01, 2013, under Friends, Fun Stuff

My boyfriend likes to shoot pool, so I usually tag along with him if I don’t have anything else going on. We were shooting some 8 ball last night at the Antioch pool hall and had a lot of fun. The other guys in there were happy and laughing and fooling around – none of the serious, money involved kind of competitions. That was a nice change. Sometimes when we go we have to be real quiet and be sure to not disturb the other players. But for some reason everyone was in a good mood and just out having fun.

There are not as many pool halls around here as I am used to. When I was growing up in the DC suburbs, there were pool halls all over the place. Some of them were for casual play and some were for serious competitions. I usually just went to the casual places with my brothers on with my date. I’m a pretty good shot and can hold my own in a regular game. I don’t do any trick shots or anything fancy. I just take my time, aim and hope for the best. I’m not intimidated about breaking them, either. I can hit the lead ball nice and clean and leave myself some easy pocket shots most of the time.

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Changes in the Talk Shows

by on Oct.24, 2013, under Fun Stuff, TV

As this year comes to an end, I’m looking forward to some of the changes that will be happening for the late night TV talk shows. It looks like Jay Leno will really be retiring this time – the last time turned into a fiasco and I’m still pretty angry that he shit on Conan O’Brien like that. I don’t even like Conan, but it’s not cool to give your time slot to someone else and then come slithering back a few months later like a snake and take it away from the guy. Not cool at all.

Since that happened I have not watched a single ay Leno show. Fuck him.

The good news is that Jimmy Fallon will be taking over the Tonight Show when Leno finally leaves – for good this time. i really like Jimmy Fallon and his knack for comedy. I always have – from back in his Saturday Night Live days to the Jimmy Fallon Show that comes on late at night. He is a great host – he has a wonderful rapport with all his guests and he incorporates a lot of funny bits into the show. I can’t wait for him to get recognized for his talent and get the Tonight Show going.

And to Jay – don’t let the door hit you on the ass when you leave this time. Pffft.

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